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The Standard Model describes the sub-atomic particles and forces, while General Relativity describes the gravitational forces that govern the movement of planets, stars, and galaxies.  Yet we still don't know what makes up most of the energy forces or most of the matter that is known to exist in the universe.

Asking the right questions

In developing a Grand Theory of the Universe, we need a model that combines the Standard Model of subatomic particles and forces with General Relativity.  The key questions are the structure of space-time and the structures of the subatomic particles and forces and how they behave over time.

The Triad Model: Is it the long-sought Grand Theory?

The Triad Model generates novel molecular structures for all the particles and forces in the Standard Model, while providing a substructure model for space-time.  The Triad Model is in its early stages and needs scientists of differing technical expertise to further develop it.


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