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Triad Model


Novel Quantum Gravity Model Generates Molecular Structures

for All Bosons, Quarks, Leptons, and the Spacetime Lattice

By Bryant Villeponteau

Triad Institute

San Diego, CA 92130



The Standard Model of particle physics has successfully described the particles and forces in quantum field theory (QFT) but does not fully explain the gravitational forces as described in general relativity (GR). One major problem is that GR is a background independent theory and QFT is not. Another potential problem for both QFT and GR is the absence of any molecular structure models for the bosons, leptons, and quarks in either theory. The present article attempts to remedy both these problems with the background independent Triad Model, which proposes a GR-like quantum gravity lattice structure for spacetime that emerges from and devolves into detailed molecular structures for all the bosons, leptons, and quarks found in the Standard Model. While the Triad Model is at an early stage of its development, this heuristic model proposes testable molecular structures for all the bosons, leptons, and quarks in the Standard model, while offering plausible clarifications for many of the perplexing features of QFT, the Higgs field, neutrino oscillations, the weak force, dark energy, dark matter, and the possible underlying cause of the three flavors in the Standard Model.  


Dr. Bryant Villeponteau

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